Thank You Mailtrust

Mailtrust is a great company on so many levels.

Not only did they give me my first “real person” job, saving me from having to have the awkward “we’re cutting you off financially” conversation with my parents, but they have supported me through some tough times as well.

On April 16th I was involved in the shootings at Virginia Tech and instantly the dreams about what I was doing with my life after graduation were flushed down the toilet. I knew I had to push forward, graduate, and get a job, but my newfound fear of confined places and the loss of direction made it hard for me to focus on my future.

Nonetheless, I had been scanning the job boards for some positions that I could apply for when I came across the “Primary Money Wrangler” position at Mailtrust – this one got me hooked, and excited. With a title like “Primary Money Wrangler” who wouldn’t want to work here!? I went into the interview, was asked tough questions, and was treated like any other candidate rather than someone who had just gone through a traumatic event. I’m not sure why that surprised me, since no one at Mailtrust knew my situation, but it was a relief to experience an ounce of normalcy again. And the best part: I got the job!

During my first month at Mailtrust, I didn’t talk to anyone about what had happened to me or what I was going through because I was trying to start over and I felt like it wasn’t something that others wanted to hear about. I didn’t want to be treated special any way.

However, it eventually became more apparent to those around me that I was having trouble coping. Rather than being overbearing and nosey, which many others who knew my secret were, my co-workers were so helpful. If I ever needed to go for a walk or if I couldn’t get into work they understood. Everyone respected my space when I needed it and didn’t push the subject but were always there for me if I wanted to talk.

I’m grateful to my co-workers for having stood by me, put up with my antics, and helped me through the toughest time in my life. I am truly proud to work at Mailtrust because I know I’m part of an incredible group of people. So even though the week of April 16th will be a tough one, I know I have great people to lean on. People that understand what it was like because even though they weren’t in the building – they were here and all of them know: “Once a Hokie, Always a Hokie”.

Thank you, Mailtrust.

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