Thanks for your Feedback! Cloud Files Supports 12 New Headers

As we mentioned in an April blog post, one of our recent Cloud Files improvements allows us to quickly add support for additional headers. We can turn around your requests for new headers much faster.  Based on your feedback, we not only added the suite of CORS headers but also added support for Content-Disposition.  Here are your new headers:

•    Content-Encoding
•    Content-Disposition
•    X-Object-Manifest
•    Access-Control-Allow-Origin
•    Access-Control-Allow-Credentials
•    Access-Control-Expose-Headers
•    Access-Control-Max-Age
•    Access-Control-Allow-Methods
•    Access-Control-Allow-Headers
•    Origin
•    Access-Control-Request-Method
•    Access-Control-Request-Headers

Keep communicating and letting us know what headers you need via our Product Feedback forum. If you have any questions about these new headers, just let me know!

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  1. Hello,

    I needed to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on font files served via the Rackspace CDN. I managed to do it via Cyberduck, but it didn’t seem to make any difference in terms of the way those fonts are displayed in Firefox. When I look at the font resource with Firebug, I don’t see the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header set at all in the HTTP response. Do you happen to know if I need to do anything else other than setting that header on each font file?



  2. How can i apply for example Access-Control-Allow-Origin for all files (or all files in a folder).
    We have 17.000.000 single png files (OpenStreetMap-tiles) in our container…


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