The 12 Days of Christmas at Rackspace: Part One

From a partridge in a pear tree to twelve drummers drumming, the Christmas season has come a bit early here at Rackspace. Instead of the traditional gifts, Rackspace is serving up great options for your business hosting needs. This season let Fanatical Support® from Rackspace do the worrying for you, so that you can focus on your core business functions.

First Day of Christmas:
One Company for your Hosting Needs

Launched in 1998, Rackspace has become recognized as a top hosting provider, with more than 118,000 customers, of which more than 99,000 are cloud computing customers. Driven by Fanatical Support, Rackspace core products include Managed Hosting, Cloud and Email & Apps.

Rackspace has a worldwide presence, with offices and data centers across the globe in order to provide customers quicker service. Our team boasts hundreds of certified experts and a growing list of noteworthy awards. For information security, reliability and improved efficiency, Rackspace is a great choice for your business hosting needs.


Second Day of Christmas:
Two Options for Email Hosting

Business productivity is dependent upon reliable access to your data. When you’re on deadline or trying to respond to customers, a dysfunctional email server is a headache you can easily avoid with Rackspace Email Hosting.

With products built around your mobility needs and budget, Rackspace offers two email hosting options: Microsoft Exchange® or Rackspace Email. By selecting Rackspace to host your email, you can rest assured your exchange of email communication will remain fast and reliable.

Third Day of Christmas:
Three Product Lines within the Cloud

Cloud hosting is the next step in the evolution of hosting solutions, offering deployment within minutes, no long-term commitments and ease of resource expansion as your business grows. Within the Cloud, Rackspace offers CloudServers™, CloudFiles™ and CloudSites™.

Using pooled resources, Cloud computing allows customers the opportunity to pay for the resources they use. Rather than expending valuable capital on excess physical infrastructure to support fluctuating traffic, the Cloud removes the need to engineer for peak traffic. Why pay for servers you don’t need? The Cloud meets your current traffic demands, and you avoid paying for unused resources.

Fourth Day of Christmas:
Four Types of Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Your hosting provider should be able to offer you solutions that are custom-tailored to your business needs. Rackspace offers four main dedicated hosting solutions: SaaS, Managed Colocation, SharePoint and Private Cloud.

With our dedicated solutions comes your very own expert team, uniquely aware of your business goals and network configuration. Gone are the days of worrying about hardware and security – we’re here as an extension of your team, serving as consultants, security engineers and guardians of your hosted data.

Rackspace in Action:
The founders of SkinnyCorp, Inc., a Chicago-based consulting firm, launched as a hobby. The website, an Internet tshirt company, provides an opportunity for designers and artists to display their creativity.

What started out as a hobby exploded into something larger, presenting tactical challenges with their website crashing for as much as a week at a time when they would offer sales and promotions. Something, clearly, needed to be done.

Since seeking managed hosting support from Rackspace, the site has been available 24/7, and crashing is a thing of the past. SkinnyCorp project engineer Harper Reed says: “Hands down, the most important thing we get out of using Rackspace is the ability to scale quickly. Sometimes it feels like I ask for the impossible and Rackspace delivers.”

Stay tuned as Rackspace continues to the fifth day of Christmas next week.


  1. These are great ideas but technically and religiously, the 12 days of Christmas begin with Christmas Day and the last day of Christmas is January 5th. It is not the 12 days before Christmas day as you and many others think.

  2. Hi, Gail, thanks for the response. Yes, when I wrote this, I knew it started Christmas Day. You’re right, though, most people don’t realize that the first day is actually Christmas Day.

    Knowing that, though, we thought it would be fun to start the posts before Christmas since the holidays do get a bit hectic and many people aren’t around to read blog posts. We will be posting the final days after Christmas, though, in accordance with the placement of the true 12 days. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next two posts!


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