The AWS Summit Message to Enterprise: Bring Your Own Software, We’ll Make it Work!

AWS Summits are always an excellent opportunity to connect with and hear from some of the finest minds working in the cloud space today. The event was a great success, both at the keynotes and at our booth. Interestingly, many of the key issues addressed during the talks were echoed in conversations with the IT decision makers who came by our booth, with security, pricing and seamless transition ranking amongst their top considerations when looking to transition to the cloud.

The keynotes showcased some of the great work AWS are doing to remain flexible. AWS was showcased not only as a secure and trustworthy platform but as a ‘familiar’ platform to run your legacy enterprise software. For some, the decision that works best for them might be to transfer most of the workload before introducing their employees to the new interface – the so-called “lift and shift” migration. It’s exciting to see more and more industry leaders embracing flexibility as a feature, accelerating the advance of cloud technology across multiple industries.

AWS also announced another round of price cuts. Time and time again, Amazon have demonstrated their commitment to creating affordable opportunities for enterprises to accelerate their cloud development. Cloud technology has the potential to service almost any industry, so any provider looking to remain competitive must remain dynamic with their pricing options to merit consideration across multiple sectors. Many decision makers across are considering cloud as an option, but pricing must be flexible to attract the lion’s share.

Sunshine amongst the clouds – insight on how The Met Office use AWS

James Tomkins, Chief Enterprise Architect for The Met Office, gave more excellent insight, citing context as a big factor in their decision to update with AWS. Their objective had been to move some of their key systems to the cloud, not only to reduce the stress on their existing owned infrastructure, which had to process increasingly large amounts of data very quickly, but also to help them keep up with how their consumers were accessing weather information. Operational requirements on this scale require expert knowledge of the cloud to migrate effectively. Tomkins noted this on stage, as he remarked upon the necessity of a smooth transition. The Met Office’s solution, he said, was to proceed with a partner to oversee the migration and steer them clear of the many pitfalls that arise during a poorly planned project.

It’s to AWS’s credit that their keynotes addressed so many key concerns of current and potentially future cloud consumers. Tomkins’ experience and challenges when transitioning to the cloud echoed many conversations they were having with prospective clients. There is always trepidation when it comes to undertaking an endeavour so critical as a cloud migration. It is important to have a trusted partner on board who can manage the cloud project properly throughout the process.

When we began conversations with Kaldor, a leading software house, on their cloud migration project they had similar concerns. They were looking to move PugPig, a mobile publishing platform, into the cloud. Like many people we spoke to at the AWS Summit, moving away from antiquated and expensive on-site solutions was a priority for Kaldor. In Datapipe, Kaldor found a partner who transitioned them successfully and gave them the peace of mind that their infrastructure was secure and well-managed so they could concentrate on what’s important: their customers.

AWS events are always an enriching experience. The opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field coupled with meaningful discussions about the industry at the booth always makes for an enjoyable and insightful affair. More than ever it is important for businesses to engage with their industry and understand the key issues that are driving it. Today, it’s familiarity and digital transformation, but next month it could be something else.

Next on our calendar is AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, another excellent opportunity to engage with the best and brightest our industry have to offer. Be sure to look out for us at the ‘Secret to Successful Group Transformations’ workshop, where we’ll be comparing notes with our long-time partner AWS!

Tony serves as Regional Marketing Director for Rackspace in the EMEA region, after holding a similar position at Datapipe, which he joined in 2015. An experienced IT and telecoms executive with a successful career in marketing, product management and sales, Tony has held senior positions for companies including Verizon, BT and Cable & Wireless. He has extensive knowledge of cloud, network, security and advanced communication products, technologies and managed services, and has worked in both direct and indirect channels to market. He also writes regularly about the ever-evolving cloud industry, and was named a top cloud computing blogger in 2017. Tony is a sports fanatic and for his sins, a passionate supporter of his hometown club, Everton FC. He lives in Sevenoaks, just outside London, with his wife and occasionally his son (when he’s not hard at work at University).