The Case For Hosted Exchange [Infographic]

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Lizetta Staplefoote | March 12, 2013 2:00 pm

Though Microsoft Exchange with the Outlook client[1] is the most popular email combination in business, it’s also cost and time prohibitive for many businesses to run internally. The level of complexity, its mission-critical nature and the potential for cost savings make Exchange an attractive application to move to the cloud. Choosing Hosted Exchange[2], as detailed in the recently updated whitepaper, The Case for Hosted Exchange[3], dramatically reduces the deployment costs of Exchange and offloads most of the administrative duties, like spam filtering and backups, to a trusted cloud provider[4]. The infographic[5] below takes a quick look at the high-level reasons why Hosted Exchange is the best choice for business email[6] and how to get started.

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