The Cloud is Always Changing – New AUP Released

Nothing gets too dusty around here lately!  As we continue to roll out more Rackspace Cloud Hosting offerings, and combine them all “under one roof”, we are also standardizing some of our “rules and regulations”.  To make things less confusing to those that are using both traditional Rackspace Hosting, and Rackspace Cloud Hosting (as well as everyone else!), we’ve released a new Acceptable Use Policy that is very much aligned with the traditional Rackspace AUP.

We’ll continue to change when we need to change, and we invite your feedback to

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  1. Got the new AUP 🙂

    But… what about the JungleDisk give away…? On friday 16th there were 21 comments (if I’m not wrong)… so… am I the only one unlucky guy who didn’t get a free license?


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