The Cloud Is Not All Or Nothing: An Insider’s Look

There is one misconception about the cloud that I frequently hear: people believe that in order to take advantage of the cloud you have to go all in or nothing at all. This simply isn’t true. In fact, with our hybrid cloud you can take advantage of the specific pieces of the cloud – public cloud or private cloud – while maintaining a dedicated presence.

The Cloud Launch Team has to battle this misconception as well, so I got the team together to talk about different ways of incorporating the cloud in different parts of the application. In this video you’ll hear the different ways that you can fold the cloud into a hybrid environment with your dedicated gear.

If you have any questions about the cloud, be sure to give us a call at Rackspace and ask to speak to a Cloud Launch Manager.


  1. The benefits of cloud computing are reduction in upfront capital costs and expenditure on expensive piece of hardware and software, billing is done on utility of the resources and users can migrate or end the agreement at anytime.


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