The CloudDB Client: An Extension For The Rackspace Cloud Database API

Filed in Product & Development by Zachary Schneider | May 14, 2012 10:30 am

Ok. So what is the Cloud DB Client? It’s a user interface packaged as a Google Chrome extension for the Rackspace Cloud Database API service[1].

Here it is here (click to enlarge):


I wrote the CloudDB Client for Rackspace Cloud Databases[3] – now available in an Early Access program —  to grow the audience of users that require a UI.

Right now, the CloudDB Client exposes browsing, create and delete functionality, and if there’s a demand, more functionality will be added.

Since this is something I built, I am more than happy to provide basic support as time allows. As with anything, there may be bugs, so please reach out if you encounter one. Since I made this, it is not a Rackspace-supported product.

Now for a quick disclaimer: You should know that this extension exposes capabilities that could, in rare cases, result in the loss of data, and I will not be held responsible for loss of data incurred by using this extension, whether it’s accidental or intentional.

If that sounds good to you and you’re looking for a user interface extension for the Rackspace Cloud Database API service, feel free to dive right in and download the CloudDB Client[4] now, and pretty soon the source code will be made available via github.

And, if this extension takes off, I’ll work on exposing more of the Cloud Database API functionality.

  1. Rackspace Cloud Database API service: http://../../cloud/cloud_hosting_products/databases/
  2. [Image]:
  3. Rackspace Cloud Databases: http://../rackspace-cloud-databases-private-beta-new-features-and-global-availability/
  4. download the CloudDB Client:

Source URL: