The Dawn Of Managed Cloud

Until recently, cloud computing was leveraged mainly by early adopters. The tinkerers. The tech enthusiasts who typically move a young invention forward. Cloud infrastructure was a tool for do-it-all-yourself developers.

But out of that, a new segment has emerged: a new type of cloud customer who values service and support; who wants to focus on his or her core business and stay fast and lean, without swelling the payroll with a lot of engineers to handle IT that doesn’t distinguish that business.

This is the dawn of managed cloud.

At Rackspace, we’re taking the expertise we’ve built over the 15 years since we created the managed hosting industry and are applying those Fanatical Support principles to the cloud. We’re evolving cloud computing from a “no service” model where you couldn’t get someone on the phone no matter how hard you tried, to a full service model where our customers can tap the power of cloud computing without the pain and expense of managing it on your own. Need access to a cloud engineer at 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving? You got it. Need DevOps assistance? Done. Need some help with your code? No problem.

It’s still early days, but there is a fast growing segment of cloud customers who want a partner to do the heavy lifting for them. They want someone to manage the day-to-day operations that keep their workloads and their businesses running.

With managed cloud, we extend our expertise across the full spectrum of our customers’ application architecture, administration, operations, monitoring, and scaling. We offer not just the computing infrastructure, but we fortify it with our years of operations and management experience to ensure their cloud delivers the best fit for their workloads – whether on single-tenant or multi-tenant hardware, or a combination of those platforms.

That level of service comes standard for our customers – it’s built in. It deviates from the do-it-all-yourself cloud infrastructure market as a new type of service and it targets a specific type of customer.

To some extent Gartner has recognized that managed cloud is in its infancy and has named Rackspace in its 2014 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), a report that focuses on multi-tenant cloud infrastructure providers. At Rackspace, we’re looking forward to seeing the upcoming Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting, North America, which will focus more on the service layer on top of the infrastructure, rather than the infrastructure itself. That’s where our managed cloud focus squarely fits.

Our vision for a true managed cloud separates us from the pack. We’re focused on offering solutions, not just infrastructure – though our infrastructure is as solid as it comes. And we’ll support those solutions so our customers can focus on building their apps and businesses, not operating their cloud.

We are managed cloud specialists. We manage and operate your cloud, so you don’t have to.

John Engates joined Rackspace in August 2000, just a year after the company was founded, as Vice President of Operations, managing the datacenter operations and customer-service teams. Two years later, when Rackspace decided to add new services for larger enterprise customers, John created and helped develop the Intensive Hosting business unit. John played an active role in the evolution and evangelism of Rackspace’s cloud-computing strategy and cloud products. John met frequently with customers to hear about their needs and concerns, and to discuss Rackspace’s vision for the future of cloud computing. John's final positions was as the company’s Chief Evangelist. John is also an internationally recognized cloud computing expert and a sought-after speaker at technology conferences, including CA World, the Goldman Sachs Techtonics Conference and Cloud Expo. He speaks on the future of cloud computing, enterprise cloud adoption, data center efficiency, green data center best practices, and more. Prior to joining Rackspace, John was a founder and General Manager at Internet Direct, one of the original Internet service providers in Texas. John is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio and holds a B.B.A. in Accounting.


  1. Yeah drivel from a flailing company desperately trying out yet another new spin. AWS and Azure also offer similar managed services for a fee (though an argument can be made that they are making the customer experience so simple that you don’t need to buy extra services, one of the key reasons AWS has been so successful). Cmon you can’t possibly position that as unique to Rackspace. I suppose you have to find ways to “justify” why customers should be foolish enough to pay 3x more than AWS, GCP or Azure. Oh well, no wonder RAX is trying to find a buyer and exit before everything comes crashing down.

  2. What happens when the FED’s want my data or someone’s data that I am multi-tennant with? WIll you call me, contact my attorney’s for me, say no or just say yes?


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