The Download: Aug. 28, 2015

Happy Friday, everyone. This week The Download takes a look at some of the great topics our friends over at the Rackspace Support Network have posted over the past week.

We begin with a timely focus on the fall holidays, which in the world of ecommerce means Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you haven’t prepared your business for the deluge of customers that will be coming your way in a few short months, it’s time to get started.

Here, Racker Alan Bush walks through some great steps to not only get through the holidays, but to actually use the heavy web traffic to your advantage: 

The math on prepping for Black Friday is simple: an under performing site can turn away many would-be buyers; a completely down site means no sales at all. Additionally, we are seeing a steady trend of increased mobile purchases. If your site isn’t ready for mobile shopping, how many sales are you leaving on the table?

Maybe Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the least of your problems. Often times, it can be difficult enough just getting your email campaigns to show up in customers’ inboxes — no matter what time of year it is. We recently encountered a customer experiencing this very problem, and the answer they received from Rackspace Support may be helpful to you too:  

When a message is created, and until it reaches it’s destination, information about it is added to a hidden section of the message known as the Internet headers or message headers. This information includes technical details which would be difficult to understand for the average user which is why it’s hidden. Some of the technical details are as follows: who created the message, the software used to compose it, the message format, and each of the e-mail servers it passed through on its way to the recipient. You can use these details to help you identify problems with message or to help discover the sender’s actual address or originating IP address.

Email servers have security measures in place for a reason, namely because content management systems are often compromised and used by hackers to gain email addresses and send out spam.

If you’re using Word Press to communicate with your customers, Racker Jim Culbreath recently posted some great tips for securing your information and making sure the bad guys stay out.

Here are some other highlights from the past week in Rackspace Support:

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