The Download: Nov. 27, 2015 — The Thanksgiving Edition!

Happy Friday everyone! As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, there are many things we have to be thankful for this year. Friends, family and endless pounds of turkey are probably high on the list, but there are other, more nuanced things we have to be thankful for too.

If you’re an online retailer, you’re (hopefully) thankful that your site is buzzing along today, handling Black Friday traffic with ease.

Or, maybe things haven’t gone as smoothly as you had planned. Your site had trouble loading or crashed altogether — not the greatest outcome, but don’t lose hope! You can be thankful that Rackspace has been working with ecommerce customers for years, and we’ve gained a lot of experience along the way.

Earlier this year, Racker Alan Bush compiled a roundup of solid Black Friday tips and advice specifically for folks who were struggling to optimize their ecommerce operations around big retail holidays. It can really be a make or break scenario for businesses, as Alan puts it:

The math is simple: an underperforming site will turn away many would-be buyers; a completely down site means no sales at all (and in both cases, businesses also stand to lose potential future buyers, who simply won’t come back). And if your site isn’t ready for mobile shopping, you’re leaving sales on the table.

Check out all of the helpful tips he’s posted there, as well as the great services Rackspace provides for ecommerce customers, 24x7x365.

We’re thankful for all of the opportunities we get to help businesses thrive, but we’re also thankful that Rackspace has earned a reputation as such a great place to work — worldwide! Just this week, Rackspace was named as one of the top ten coolest companies for Women in Australia. This accolade joins similar recognition we’ve received here in the states, and we couldn’t be more proud.

But this year’s big takeaway for Rackspace, the thing we’re truly thankful for, is our growing base of customers and the increasing number of ways we can help them.

In addition to the support we offer our ecommerce customers, we’re also arming them (and others) with data analytics so they can gain greater insight into their business. We’ve expanded our cloud expertise to encompass leading technologies like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and we’ve strengthened our commitment to OpenStack with the addition of Carina and our partnership with Intel in the OpenStack Innovation Center.

Overall, we’re thankful that we get to meet customers where they are and outfit them with the right technologies for their business. With the wide array of expertise Rackers have to offer, we’re able to be technology agnostic and then provide fanatical support on top of whichever solutions you choose.

Offering these capabilities is part of our vision to be the world’s leading service company on top of the world’s leading technologies, and we’re thankful that we get to do it every day.

Thanks for reading this week, have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

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