The Fanatical Faces Of Rackspace Private Cloud: Kenneth Hui

As one of the pillars of hybrid cloud, Rackspace Private Cloud started with a mission to build and operate private clouds powered by OpenStack in our data center, in a colocation facility or in a customer’s data center. In this weekly blog series, we’ll profile some of the key members of the Rackspace Private Cloud team to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of a team that’s helping to define and deliver the future of private and hybrid clouds.

Today, meet Kenneth Hui, a New York City-based Rackspace Open Cloud Architect and organizer of several Northeast U.S. OpenStack User Groups. Ken is a recent addition to the team, but brings with him a wealth of experience. Here’s what Ken thinks about the cloud, OpenStack and more:

How long have you been a Racker?
Three months (Have I been here long enough to qualify for this?). 🙂

Tell me about your journey to cloud computing.
My journey to cloud computing started back in 2003 when everyone was talking about utility computing. I worked with a large financial services company to design and build an infrastructure-on-demand solution to serve its business (it even included a self-service web portal for users). From there, I got involved in virtualization technologies and eventually in cloud computing. I looked at AWS’ and VMware’s offerings and soon realized that OpenStack was the best cloud solution, based on the fact that is was open source, built from the ground-up to be a cloud platform and had such wide community support. Once I realized this, I knew I had to invest my work life in the OpenStack technology and its community.

How did you end up at Rackspace?
You (Niki Acosta) retweeted the only tweet that my manager has posted to date, which happened to be a call for cloud architects. And the rest is history. But besides Rackspace’s commitment to OpenStack and to the OpenStack community, I also signed up because of Rackspace’s culture and its great people.

What do you love most about Rackspace?
I love the Racker culture and Rackspace’s commitment to have people work in positions that match their passions and strengths. I also love that Rackers are passionate; they love their work and to help others to succeed in their work.

What makes OpenStack and your role as an architect so exciting to you?
I am excited about OpenStack because of its potential to transform IT and to enable IT staff to be heroes to their business. I love my position as an Open Cloud Architect because I not only get to design OpenStack powered solutions, but I get to educate customers, work with the OpenStack community and evangelize how we can transform and enable IT. I also love that I am encouraged to take risks and empowered to propose and start new initiatives.

Where do you see Rackspace, OpenStack and Private Cloud at in five years?
I see two big changes in OpenStack over the next five years:

  1. More infrastructure and application services will be enabled on and with OpenStack to make it an even more robust IT services delivery platform.
  2. Greater adoption by larger enterprises and more use of it as a platform for mission critical applications.

What else should we know about you?
I love all types of food and have personal goal of eating at a minimum of one new restaurant a week, in NYC or elsewhere.

Editor’s note: Ken is on a mission to help VMWare users understand and make the transition to Rackspace Private Cloud and OpenStack. If you’d like to meet Ken or you need a great NYC restaurant recommendation, you can follow him on Twitter at @hui_kenneth.


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