The Fifth Wave: How Are Cloud Computing & Big Data Transforming IT?

Last month, I joined three leading tech executives at Cloud Expo New York to talk about how cloud computing and Big Data are transforming enterprise IT. In addition to myself, the panel featured Bruce E. Otte, director of platform and workload services at IBM; Greg O’Connor, president and CEO of AppZero; and Kevin Brown, CEO of Coraid.

The four of us have witnessed astonishing changes to the technology landscape as more and more enterprises turn to cloud solutions. For me, it’s exciting to see how the hybrid cloud has provided customers with the ability to innovate their businesses.

You can see video of the full conversation here:

Business units are really driving the adoption of cloud computing. They are coming to their IT departments and saying, “We need services, and you can’t provide them fast enough;” therefore, they turn to a company like Rackspace for solutions that give them faster time to market and the ability to realize revenue more quickly. In response, IT organizations realize that they need to rethink how they deliver the business of IT. They must understand that virtualization was a technology, but cloud computing is really a new business model. And, that serving the needs of the business trumps all.

Innovation is the key to success in today’s competitive landscape. In my opinion, there are two essential components to rapid and effective innovation: the developer and the hybrid cloud. In my keynote address at Cloud Expo, I talked about how you can get developers innovating for your company within “safety guardrails” established by a hybrid cloud solution.

Check out my full keynote here:

Like Stephen O’Grady outlines in The New Kingmakers, I believe that there are four major disruptions driving the shift toward innovation: open source technologies, the Internet, the cloud and seed-stage funding. Each of these enables a developer to generate a concept from a big idea, write code and then launch that application very quickly. Innovative companies are putting developers in the driver’s seat.

The hybrid cloud is also playing a key role in driving innovation. Over the years, we’ve learned that the public cloud is not always the best fit. The Rackspace Hybrid Cloud gives you the ability to leverage public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hosting in combination to find the infrastructure that is the best fit for your applications.

At Rackspace, we believe that 2013 is the year of the hybrid cloud. Leading research companies like Gartner and Forrester agree that savvy IT organizations are quickly moving towards a hybrid cloud strategy.


  1. Cloud Computing is essential and Big Data is practical. Soft wares like Salesforce Cloud Computing are transforming the IT Industry. Database and Datwarehousing applications are not only essential but also important for the continued success of the IT.


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