The Insurance Industry and the Cloud

Security, governance, and regulatory compliance are at the forefront of every current IT infrastructure decision within most enterprises, and few more so than the insurance industry. That’s why we invited our partners, along with one of the industry’s leading experts, to join us in the first – of which we hope there are many – Knowledge Transfer Network session; a thought leadership approach to security and compliance for the insurance industry.

For highlights from the day, check out the below video.


The afternoon event, held near our offices in London, featured:


With hybrid, customers have the ability to choose what data can exist on a public or hosted cloud and what data must stay in on-premises data centers for security reasons. Deployment of a well-architected hybrid IT solution can maintain security and regulatory compliance whilst allowing organisations to flex into cost-effective enterprise cloud environments. Like most organisations looking to migrate to the cloud, insurance companies are looking for reliability, safety, lower cost, and convenience.After this series of 20 minutes talks, Ray Bricknell, Behind Every Cloud, lead a Q&A discussion on the challenges and opportunities open to the market with the adoption of various technologies within the insurance industry. The main takeaway? Hybrid IT is key to industries where data sovereignty and security are major factors, such as the insurance industry.

As Clouston said, “What I have at the moment is expensive, not very efficient, and not that reliable compared to a well-executed Cloud solution, but it’s safe.” Many organizations focus their efforts on being ‘safe’ and lose sight of the other important elements of reliable, dynamic IT infrastructure. However, once Clouston and Lloyd’s of London engaged with an external service provider to understand their cloud strategy, adoption roadmap, and implementation, they were able to address the complexities that come with building and managing a unified hybrid cloud environment and deploy a more efficient – and still highly safe and secure – cloud solution.

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