The NoSQL Landscape: An Interactive Infographic

Unstructured data—information without a predefined data model—is expected to swell to four times the amount of structured data by 2020. This growth has made the NoSQL datastore ecosystem thrive, because NoSQL is ideal model for tackling unstructured data.

To take a deeper look into NoSQL, we partnered with to create the clickable infographic below that examines the MongoDB, Redis and CouchDB landscapes.

The data reveals that Wednesday is the most productive day of the week for GitHub commits across all three NoSQL datastores. There’s also a timeline that shows the commits (MongoDB had an overall upward trend), additions (CouchDB spiked in the late Summer and Fall) and deletions throughout 2013 for each open source NoSQL project.

To find out where NoSQL is hot in the United States, we dug into the number of Google searches for the term by state. Not surprisingly, the major technology hubs of California and Washington were at the top, along with Massachusetts, Utah and Colorado.

This infographic provides insight into the NoSQL landscape. Let us know some of your own takeaways in the comments below.

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