The Open Cloud Is Now: Rackspace Showcases OpenStack-Powered Cloud

It’s no secret anymore that Rackspace launched its open public cloud this week with myriad new cloud products powered by OpenStack, the community-driven open source cloud operating system.

At a launch event in San Francisco, Rackspace pulled the curtain off its next generation Rackspace Cloud, which comprises new and enhanced cloud products including Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, Cloud Databases, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Block Storage and Cloud Networks, all of which is tied together by a brand new, intuitive Cloud Control Panel.

If you couldn’t make it out to San Francisco for the launch, or you just want to see the OpenStack-powered Rackspace Cloud in action again; here’s the full unveiling presentation and demo of the Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack.

We’re signing up customers now and will begin onboarding them in the “Limited Availability” program starting May 1.

“We’ve made big investments in OpenStack. We’re ready to move our public cloud to OpenStack. And we think the service suite we’re going to be able to provide customers is going to be phenomenal,” Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier said, during a panel discussion and demo announcing the Rackspace Cloud with Rackspace’s Robert Scoble, CTO John Engates and Vice President of Product Mark Interrante; and SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos.

“OpenStack is the Linux for the cloud, effectively,” Napier continued. “In every tech category we have proprietary standards and open standards. Our belief at Rackspace is that we unleash innovation with open standards. That an open system over time can out innovate and reach a massive scale relative to proprietary systems. So as the cloud emerges it’s going to change how all of us consume IT for the rest of our lives, specifically corporate customers. We think the cloud needs an open standard. We believe OpenStack is that standard, and we’ve made a huge bet on it.”

According to Napier, Rackspace is firm in its belief that OpenStack will be the open standard for the cloud and it will help eliminate the lock-in inherent with proprietary cloud services.

Following the panel, Mark Interrante, Rackspace vice president of product, showcased the OpenStack-powered Rackspace Cloud with a jaw-dropping demo during which he spun up more than 200 servers in just minutes and highlighted the products in the cloud portfolio, including the slick and speedy control panel.

The OpenStack-based Rackspace Cloud is production-ready now and backed by our Fanatical Support.

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