The Rackspace Open Cloud: Better, Faster, More Affordable

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When we set out on the journey to the open cloud 18 months ago, we knew our goals were ambitious. We wanted to build the Rackspace Cloud on OpenStack and, in the process, take OpenStack to the next level. We wanted to bring a truly open cloud computing solution to the world; and we knew it would take a tremendous amount of work.

That work has paid off. With today’s launch of the Rackspace open cloud[1] into production, Rackspace is officially on OpenStack, making it the largest OpenStack-based public cloud in the world. OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system launched just two years ago by a community of developers and organizations, now powers the world’s second largest public cloud.

Today, our customers – existing and new — can use the Rackspace open cloud. You can spin up new servers with Rackspace Cloud Servers[2] powered by OpenStack; you can leverage databases with our OpenStack-based Cloud Databases[3]; and you can manage it all from our beautiful new Control Panel, the fast and easy to use interface for managing Rackspace Cloud products. Additionally, we have launched multi-region capabilities across our cloud product portfolio that give customers the power to create computing resources in our Dallas and Chicago regions.

The result is a better, faster and more affordable Rackspace Cloud experience, built on an open platform that spurs innovation and gives our customers true choice and control without the fear of lock-in. Customers can choose service providers and how they deploy applications, and they can pick the location and deployment options that best fit their business needs, whether that’s public, private or hybrid. All of it is backed by our award-winning Fanatical Support®.

Here’s what’s available to customers today:

These products comprise the cornerstone of the open Rackspace Cloud portfolio, which in coming months will also include Cloud Monitoring[4], Cloud Backup[5], Cloud Block Storage[6] and Cloud Networks.

Our work with OpenStack, the open source cloud software that we co-founded with NASA, makes the Rackspace open cloud possible. We helped build Nova, or OpenStack Compute, from the ground up as the engine that drives our open cloud platform, and we have added our own products on top of it – Managed Cloud, RackConnect and others — to boost its capabilities. Rackspace engineers, many of which are core OpenStack contributors, wrote a large percentage of the code; we have tested it at massive scale  — we have launched more than 1 million servers through our tests; and we have pioneered the approach of taking OpenStack from trunk, validating it, testing it and deploying it in roughly two weeks – as soon as it’s stable and we’re happy with it, we push it – through our continuous delivery model[7].

We are thrilled to deliver on the promise we made of Fanatical Support on an open cloud powered by OpenStack. And we are just getting started. We will continue to develop and use open standards and offer our customers the freedom to choose from a wide portfolio of cloud products and services.

We are extremely excited about the open cloud today and for what’s to come, and we look forward to continuing the drive to the open cloud with you, our customers.

To start using the Rackspace open cloud, sign up [8]now.

For more on Fanatical Support on the Rackspace open cloud, check out this video:

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