The OpenStack Community’s Global Growth

Here’s one final thought on last week’s OpenStack Design Summit & Conference in San Francisco:  As we interviewed more than a dozen OpenStack users and developers, listened to the sessions and watched the keynotes, the one comment we kept hearing over and over is “it’s the community.”  Most cited the community of more than 3,000 people and more than 150 companies as one of the main reasons they chose to get involved and plan to stay involved with OpenStack.  It’s also clear that the community is rapidly expanding around the globe.

A common story seems to be: we tested OpenStack, looked at how active the community is, got involved and received quick help with our questions.

In this video, we talk to OpenStack community members from Australia, Austria, China and Germany.

Because of the international growth of OpenStack, continued development is going on 24/7. When one side of the globe is sleeping, the other is working, building toward the next release.

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