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The Rackspace Cloud Announces Public API for Cloud Servers


Yesterday, Rackspace announced the availability of the public beta of its Cloud Servers® API. Cloud Servers, part of the company’s portfolio of cloud services, is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering that provides inexpensive compute capacity that can be instantly sized allowing businesses to pay only for what it uses—as needed. Through the open, standards-based API, Rackspace Cloud customers can now manage their cloud infrastructure with greater control and flexibility. The API, for example, enables elastic scenarios as users can write code that programmatically detects load and scales the number of server instances up and down.
The Cloud Servers API will introduce four new features including:
•Server Metadata – Supply server-specific metadata when an instance is created that can be accessed via the API.
•Server Data Injection – Specify files when instance is created that will be injected into the server file system before startup. This is useful, for example, when inserting SSH keys, setting configuration files, or storing data that you want to retrieve from within the Cloud Server itself.
•Host Identification – The Cloud Servers provisioning algorithm has an anti-affinity property that attempts to spread out customer VMs across hosts. Under certain situations, Cloud Servers from the same customer may be placed on the same host. Host identification allows you to programmatically detect this condition and take appropriate action.
•Shared IP Groups – While Rackspace has always supported shared IPs, it’s been made simpler with the creation of Shared IP Groups and the ability to enable high availability configurations.
For more info and to hear from the architects of the Cloud API, check out The Rackspace Cloud blog post, here.

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