The Rackspace Cloud Has Arrived In Hong Kong

Filed in Product & Development by Erik Carlin | October 31, 2013 2:00 pm

The Rackspace Cloud is now available in our new Hong Kong (HKG) region. This marks our third new region in 2013, including Sydney, which launched in June[1] and Northern Virginia, which came online in August[2]. The launch of Hong Kong brings our total global region[3] count to six:  Dallas, Chicago, Northern Virginia, London, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Our entire cloud suite of regional services is available in HKG, including Cloud Servers[4], Cloud Files[5], Cloud Block Storage[6], Cloud Networks[7], Cloud Load Balancers[8], Cloud Databases[9] and Cloud Backup[10]. As with all regions, you can leverage Cloud DNS[11] and Cloud Monitoring[12] with your Hong Kong deployment, and RackConnect[13] is available for customers who want to deploy a hybrid configuration of both cloud and dedicated. Pricing for the Hong Kong region can be found here[14].

Our cloud is powered by OpenStack, the world’s leading open source cloud operating system, and we are thrilled to make this region available just before the next OpenStack Summit[15], which will be held in Hong Kong on November 5 through November 8. This summit will be the largest ever and is expected to draw up to 5,000 people.

The open cloud continues to expand and we hope this new region enhances your ability to create awesome things with it.

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