The Rackspace Cloud Talks PaaS On Analyst Podcast

Filed in Product & Development by Angela Bartels | May 15, 2009 11:48 am

image[1] About a week ago, Rackspace Cloud founder Jonathan Bryce, along with Rourke McNamara of TIBCO Software, Mike Meehan of Current Analysis, David Kelly of Upside Research, Jim Kobielus of Forrester, and Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions, all sat down to discuss Platform as a Service and its future impact on enterprises.

Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions[2], recently sat down with a panel of cloud hosting industry luminaries including Jonathan Bryce, co-founder of The Rackspace Cloud[3], to discuss “Platform-as-a-Service”[4] (PaaS) and its future impact on enterprises. PaaS is part of the cloud computing taxonomy that pertains to software and services development over the Internet.

The podcast, a 50+ minute deep dive, seeks to address these questions: What is PaaS good for and how will it impact enterprises? What is the reality and where will we end up in regard to PaaS?

Also participating in the discussion are Rourke McNamara of TIBCO Software[5], Mike Meehan of Current Analysis[6], David Kelly of Upside Research[7], Jim Kobielus of Forrester Research[8].

Visit Dana Gardner’s blog[9] to listen, download, or read the podcast.

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