The Rackspace Open Cloud: A Day In The Life [Video]

From the launch of the Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack to day one of the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference, Rackspace on Monday took the City by the Bay by storm and made San Francisco the world’s open cloud headquarters.

The day started with Rackspace launching its next generation Rackspace Cloud, a cloud architecture based on open standards and powered by OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system. The open Rackspace Cloud comprises a host of new and enhanced products, including Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, Cloud Databases, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Networks, Cloud Block Storage and a new Cloud Control Panel.

From there, the celebration moved from Rackspace’s San Francisco office to the Hyatt Regency Hotel where the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference got underway. The summit and conference is expected to draw roughly 1,000 attendees to plan OpenStack’s next release, Folsom, and showcase the ins and outs of OpenStack.

Rackspace producer and video storyteller Dave Sims captured it all in this video, which highlights one of the biggest days in the life of Rackspace:

This is Sims’ third Day in the Life installment. The first captured a random Friday at Rackspace’s San Antonio Castle, which coincidentally featured an impromptu a wedding during gradation from Rookie O., Rackspace’s new hire orientation. The second chronicled the arrival of the StartupBus convoy bound for SXSW interactive in Austin, which made a Castle pit-stop and another Rookie O. commencement.

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