The Relationship Between OpenStack And Open Compute

    Here at Rackspace we view OpenStack as the operating system of the cloud. We believe that the openness and large community that has developed around OpenStack provides value for consumers by empowering them with flexibility and optimization options. Consumers can use OpenStack to power an on premise cloud or a cloud hosted by a provider.

    The Open Compute Project has a high degree of synergy with OpenStack because it ultimately becomes the foundation, or the platform, on which the operating system of the cloud can run. In very similar fashion, Open Compute has a large community of people working together to optimize and define what is needed in data centers and hardware platforms. When you have multiple people working together in the open, you can accomplish great things.

    Together, we think that OpenStack and Open Compute represent a complementary utopia for the cloud computing industry. In this utopia, even competitive parties can collaborate and find opportunities to deliver value across the entire solution stack. I often say this means we are driving to be truly open “from the gutter to ground.” This spirit of openness and collaboration can take us to exciting new places that we have not yet be able to go before.


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