The Reseller Journey

This is a post about the growth of a company and about knowing when to invest in a partnership . . .

Over the past five and a half years, I’ve held many positions with Rackspace Email & Apps—but the reseller program has always felt like my “baby.”  Looking back, we were fortunate for the success we enjoyed.  Our reseller program was more “selling” than “relationship,” more “transaction” than “sales process.”

Starting last fall, this structure began to change.  On one hand, it was easy to appreciate the growth of the reseller client base, and on the other it was shocking to consider the potential growth if we actually put our Fanatical resources into building a program.  What started as a “revamp” soon became a “re-launch.”  Resellers should be more than clients; they must be an extension of our sales force.  That means early notice of new features, continuous sales training, accurate and relevant marketing material, escalated support, and an actual team standing behind them.  That means that every time a reseller speaks to a potential customer, the reseller must know, beyond any doubt, that we have their back and that we’ll help them land the deal.  There is no “Us” and “Them”—it’s a partnership.

While we’re well on our way with the reseller program relaunch, one vital piece is missing—face to face interaction.  That’s why I’m so excited about our upcoming Reseller Conference in Atlanta March 8th – 10th. It’s filled with sales and technical discussions/training and it strengthens the relationship we continue to build with our resellers.  We’re bringing our best and brightest so every question can be not only answered, but explained.

Resellers who attend will leave with increased knowledge of everything Rackspace Email & Apps offers, powerful tools to support and sell our services, and the confidence of being part of a real partnership.  If you’re a current reseller or might be interested in becoming one, now is the time to invest.  Now is the time to ramp up your services.  Now is the time to get with the “Program.”  Come see us in Atlanta and let’s see what we can do together.


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