The Risk Factors Of Adopting Technologies

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Adopting any technology has risks. Moving away from open source software can also be difficult. In the cloud, the main benefits of open technologies, specifically OpenStack[1], are not primarily derived from the access to see or modify the source code or the ability to use the software without paying a license fee. Open in the cloud is important because it mitigates the risks inherent in adopting a software technology broadly and provides organizations flexibility and choice. The open cloud[2] is like an insurance policy for your cloud strategy.

Let’s look at some of the considerations and long-term risks of adopting a platform:

In the open cloud, innovations are provided by multiple contributors. Companies like Cisco, EMC, HP and IBM contribute their knowledge in their respective areas of expertise like networking, storage, high performance computing and others. Customers who make large investments in private clouds[3] are also contributing their innovations to OpenStack. The result is a platform designed by the brightest minds in the industry that provides multiple options and implementation choices that are more likely to meet IT requirements. OpenStack decisions are made by a board that comprises vendors, industry experts and customers to ensure the platform evolves in a way that benefits the community as a whole and not a particular vendor.

For more information on the open cloud and technology adoption considerations, check out the new white paper “Welcome to the Open Cloud[4].”

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