The Top 12 Posts Of 2012

2012 was a big year here at Rackspace. We officially launched the Rackspace open cloud and a host of products powered by OpenStack; we became the open cloud company; and we worked diligently to provide our customers with Fanatical Support.

It’s been a great year. Here, we revisit the 12 most popular blog posts that we published in 2012.

1. Mobile Sync For Rackspace Webmail: Take Your Webmail With You – Anywhere
The launch of Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail was the most popular blog post in 2012. Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail gives users the ability to stay in sync on-the-go by syncing Email, Contacts and Calendars between Webmail and your iPhone or Android device.

2. Patent Trolls: Make Them Pay!
Lawsuits filed by patent trolls have become Rackspace’s most pressing legal issue. So, when Rackspace received yet another lawsuit from a patent troll, this one claiming that Rackspace infringes on patents owned by a company called PersonalWeb Technologies, Rackspace Senior Vice President and General Counsel Alan Schoenbaum called for action.

3. Prepping Our Data Centers For Hurricane Sandy
As Hurricane Sandy made its way toward the mid-Atlantic and Northeast in October, Rackspace’s two Virginia data centers were in the superstorm’s path. Behind the scenes, our teams worked diligently ensure that our data centers and our customers’ data weren’t affected by the storm

4. Business Email Blunders: Could This Happen To You?
We’ve all had “email oops moments;” those times when you’ve made a mistake in your email. But making those same mistakes in a business email could have catastrophic results. In this video and blog post, we looked at some email blunders that you don’t want to make.

5. Rackspace Powers gdgt, Handles 55 Million Page Requests For iPhone 5 Event
When the iPhone 5 launched in September, Rackspace customer gdgt blogged live from the event. That live blog brought in 55 million page views just three hours. The iPhone 5 launch was one of a number of high-traffic events Rackspace helped its customers successfully survive this year.

6. Cloud Block Storage Now In Unlimited Availability
We made Cloud Block Storage available to all of our cloud customers in October. As part of Rackspace’s open cloud portfolio, Cloud Block Storage offers customers reliable I/O for cloud applications and the choice of SSD or standard volumes.

7. Is Your Cloud Storage Stuck In A Proprietary Platform?
In June, we highlighted some key updates to Cloud Files. The update included the addition of new features, like Static Web Hosting and Object Versioning, along with a 33 percent price reduction in Cloud Files storage.

8. Rackspace Open Sources Whiskey, A Test Framework
When Rackspace first started working with Node.js, there weren’t many different test frameworks available. So, Rackspace’s Cloud Monitoring Team developed its own. Whiskey is an open source technology the team designed to help with testing and test automation.

9. Join Us In The Fight Against Patent Trolls
As we stepped up our fight against patent trolls and intensified our efforts to change the patent system, we sought help in documenting important technologies in OpenStack and other communities. The goal is to make that documentation available to the patent office and keep these technologies out of the claws of patent trolls.

10. node-elementtree – Node.js Library To Build And Parse XML Documents
The Cloud Monitoring team at Rackspace was busy in 2012 building and open-sourcing technologies. In this post, the team discusses node-elementtree, a Node.js library that was inspired by Python’s ElementTree module for building and parsing XML.

11. The Rackspace Cloud Powered By OpenStack
This post marked the official unveiling of the Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack. In April, Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack became available through a limited availability program and we offered a glimpse at other products in our open cloud portfolio, including Cloud Databases, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Networks and a new Cloud Control Panel.

12. And The Stevie Goes To … Rackspace Email & Apps
In recognition of Rackspace’s tremendous passion for customers and Fanatical Support, Rackspace Email & Apps took home a Gold award for Front Line Customer Support in February at the sixth annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. The Stevies are widely known as the world’s leading sales, customer service and contact center awards program.

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