The Truth About SaaS Hosting At Rackspace

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Kevin Holmes | September 27, 2012 9:30 am

The SaaS market is expected to grow to over $12 billion in the next two years, according to Gartner[1]. New apps are being released at an alarming pace, generating intense competition. In the battle to survive, SaaS operators need the freedom to focus on creating differentiated software solutions and not become bogged down with the complexities of infrastructure planning and application service delivery. That’s where Rackspace Application Hosting Services[2] help ISVs eliminate hardware responsibilities, access better infrastructure resources and focus more time on growing the business.

The infrastructure needs of a SaaS application are tied to its purpose, functionality and long-term strategy. There are no one size fits all solutions. So, before I tell you that we’re the perfect fit for you, without knowing you or your requirements, here are a few of our current customers with the truth about what it’s like hosting their SaaS applications at Rackspace and how they’ve benefited from our relationship:

Better Performance: “Our entire environment must be on-demand…That means the underlying infrastructure must be able to expand as needed.”
Venkata Yella, Cloud Engineering Lead, X.commerce
Read case study[3]

More Choice: “The ability to mix your dedicated and cloud hardware in a hybrid environment is a really exciting offering and a perfect mix of dedicated and private cloud — it lets you go into cloud in stages.” Peter Jacoby, CTO, Jobs2web
Read case study[4]

Enhanced Agility: “Rackspace has been an incredibly valuable partner, allowing Marketo to scale operations quickly with minimal investments in internal operational resources.” Nick Bonfiglio, Vice President of Operations, Marketo
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Fanatical Support®: “They are there for us whenever we need them. Rackspace is an integral part in providing support to our IT team and we really appreciate it.” Mario Spanicciati, Executive Vice President of Operations, BlackLine Systems
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Thousands of customers trust us with their business not just because we have lots of floor space, servers and cables. Customers trust their apps to Rackspace for:

Now that you know the cold, hard truth about hosting your SaaS application at Rackspace, contact us to discuss your specific needs and how Rackspace can help.

If you’re looking for more SaaS content, be sure to watch Kevin’s previous video where he talked about three benefits of pod architecture for SaaS environments[7]. Learn more about hosting SaaS applications[8] at Rackspace.

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