There’s An App (Service) For That With Rackspace Critical Application Services

Two years ago Rackspace introduced Critical Sites, the premiere, white glove, customized service for our customers’ most essential, and, well, critical websites. The Critical Sites team comprised Rackspace’s most experienced support team, the Web Scale Engineers, and fanatically supported some of the biggest names across media, banking, gaming and digital media. But we thought, “Why stop there?” That’s where the idea for Critical Application Services was born.

Fanatical Support At The App Layer!

Websites remain one of the most essential business, marketing and revenue-generating tools out there, but there are a  host of other applications that are just as important. With Critical Application Services, we bring Fanatical Support deeper into the infrastructure stack by adding application-layer support. This means we will not stop at the operating system on customer servers; we will bring support and services all the way through the LAMP stack, Java, IIS and .net layer.

Opening Up To The Open Cloud!

The Web Scale Engineers’ skills extend far beyond just the websites that are hosted on Rackspace’s dedicated gear. With the introduction of the Rackspace open cloud powered by OpenStack we saw an opportunity to bring that highest level of support to our customers with cloud accounts and customers with a cloud/dedicated hybrid environment. We can now proactively monitor infrastructure performance across all platforms at Rackspace, giving our customers a single pane of glass view into even the most distributed and complex environments. But we didn’t stop there!

Failure Is Not An Option!

We understand that web-based applications have become so crucial to every aspect of global business that latency, downtime and failure are not an option. For those applications we offer the industry-best 100 percent production platform uptime guarantee. We don’t just say it will be up, we mean it! We are so confident in our ability to keep your application up and running that we stand behind this guarantee with a two times SLA credit. Sounds crazy? Simply put, we believe in the skills of our Web Scale Engineers, the quality of our tools and our passion for Fanatical Support, and so can you!


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