Think Bigger. Perform Better.

Performance. That’s a word I hear more and more as I meet with Rackspace customers. It’s what most of us strive for in business, and in life. We want things done faster, more precisely, and more reliably — from our morning coffee to our business projects and goals. The drive for performance, amid rising competition, pushes us to innovate. What used to take weeks now takes minutes.

In technology, a key element of performance has long been speed — of processors, disks, memory and networks — which has increased exponentially over the past few decades. Our businesses build applications to take advantage of that speed, and our employees and customers are happier, because we are helping them perform.

But speed isn’t the only yardstick. Performance also means reliability — like the 99.999% infrastructure uptime that Rackspace has achieved over the past 11 quarters. Performance means efficiency, which we deliver by running each customer’s workloads where they perform best — whether on public cloud, private cloud, or bare-metal servers. Performance means agility, which you can achieve through the expertise and advice of our system architects and engineers.

Today, Rackspace is announcing a new, more-comprehensive focus on performance, with a new definition. Our goal is more than just providing you with the fastest architecture — it’s to help you perform at the level that your users and your business demand. Architect faster, build faster, deploy faster, scale faster, and of course run those applications faster. We’ve made this journey ourselves and now we want to help your business achieve the performance you need to reach your goals.

Click here to learn more about what Rackspace means by performance.

It’s time to start thinking about bigger goals.


Lanham Napier, CEO

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Lanham Napier was the CEO of Rackspace from 2006 to February 2014, and now serves as a consultant to the company's leaders. As CEO, he avidly promoted the workplace culture that drives the company’s famed Fanatical Support®. This passion for empowering customers has made Rackspace the acknowledged leader of the open cloud.