Three Benefits Of Pod Architecture For SaaS

Pod architecture assigns a set of machines to a specific job or customer for all of its required tasks. In most of our SaaS configurations, our customers use shared firewall, load balancing and storage layers across multiple pods. Each pod contains the web, application and database layers for the customer’s individual users. Architecting in this way delivers the following benefits:

Faster provisioning: Pods designed with identical architecture make setting up new users easier than having to customize configurations for individual users. You can leverage this standardized deployment architecture to help automate the provisioning of new users.

User customization: Individual pods can be customized with additional capacity to meet the unique needs of your users. Users needing additional computing power/capacity can get those extra resources in their pod without initiating infrastructure-wide changes. Segmenting a specific user on a single pod away from your other customers can eliminate the noisy neighbor effect. This isolates this noisy neighbor’s traffic, thereby mitigating the impact to your other users.

Improved scalability: As opposed to having to beef up your entire infrastructure to accommodate scaling for a single user, pod architecture allows you to drop in resources and remove them as needed on a user-by-user basis. This not only saves resources but also reduces your overall cost of doing business because additional resources are only deployed when and where they are needed.

We find that pod architecture is a great fit for SaaS applications at Rackspace that need maximum flexibility to accommodate various user types. However, there is no one size-fits-all answer. Our team can talk you through your specific needs to find the layout that’s right for you.

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Kevin Holmes is a Senior Linux Systems Engineer working in Rackspace Enterprise, specializing in high performance web serving. Kevin has been serving Rackspace customers for close to 10 years in various technical roles. He also pretends to know how to play drums.



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