Time-Based Access Tools For Devs

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Bret McGowen | September 26, 2013 3:00 pm

Time-based access tools are a great way to give someone temporary access to your code or service. It’s like going on vacation and giving your neighbor the keys to your house; the only difference is the keys automatically stop working when you get back from your trip. There are several tools that developers can use if they want to grant access based on a time restriction.

In the video below, I discuss Cloud Tools partner Dome9[1] for direct server access, ways that you can grant temporary access to a file that lives on Cloud Files[2] and even the importance of having time-based multi-factor access for your users[3].

  1. Cloud Tools partner Dome9: https://cloudtools.rackspace.com/apps/485/overview?2021024316
  2. temporary access to a file that lives on Cloud Files: http://www.rackspace.com/blog/rackspace-cloud-files-how-to-create-temporary-urls/
  3. multi-factor access for your users: http://developer.rackspace.com/blog/crank-up-app-security-with-multi-factor-authentication.html

Source URL: https://blog.rackspace.com/time-based-access-tools-for-devs-2/