Tips To Get Started On The Hybrid Cloud

As you begin to take advantage of the cloud, there are several tips that will help you get started. While you have the ability to take backups of your environment, this is something that requires your attention. This is because each customer has different needs and requirements for their data. Instead of a carte blanche rule for backups, we give you the power to set your parameters. Don’t worry, if you have any questions the Cloud Launch Team is here to help.

Launch Manager Justin Kase covers additional recommendations in the video below, including the advantages of having a Cloud Load Balancer in front of your configuration—even if you have only one server. As you need to scale out your configuration, having a load balancer can prevent future downtime. Justin also discusses the need to split out the database from the application, the first step toward having a modular design to your app’s architecture.

Looking for more tips or help getting started on the hybrid cloud? Be sure to give Rackspace a call and ask for a Cloud Launch Manager.

Drew Cox is an original member of the Rackspace Managed Cloud support team who pioneered both the Technical Account Management position for the Rackspace Cloud and Rackspace's approach to Cloud Customer On-boarding. Before Rackspace, Drew spent time as a Government Contractor working with all types of organizations where he developed a passion for small/startup business. When he's not working with customers to perfectly tailor their cloud solution, Drew is exploring Texas with his family, looking for his next tasty bite and staying blissfully caffeinated. Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewCoxSA.


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