Today from Mosso: Red Hat Enterprise Available on Cloud Servers and MS SQL 2008 on Cloud Sites

About two weeks ago, we promised lots of upcoming announcements heralding new features and functionality to our suite of cloud services that make the Cloud more and more ready for business. Today, we are announcing the first two of many more features to come…RHEL on Cloud Servers™ and MS SQL 2008 on Cloud Sites™.

RHEL on Cloud Servers, with One Click Install:

When you spin up a cloud server and you’re ready to choose an operating system, you’ll find that you can now select ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux’ from our list of Linux distributions. That’s a new addition to a solid collection of other distributions (Ubuntu 8.10, Ubuntu 8.04.1, Debian 5.0, Gentoo 2008, Centos 5.2, Fedora 10, and Arch 2007.08, to name a few). Our goal is to provide customers the option to work with the OS with which they feel most comfortable.

RHEL will cost a little more than a standard server – about 5 cents/hour on top of regular server pricing – meaning that a 256 MB cloud server with Red Hat support will run about $0.065/hour or $47.95/month. Even with this added cost, however, the price is still significantly lower than you’ll find at Amazon who sends you straight to the Red Hat website. Because we’ve had a relationship with Red Hat for several years, we can enable you to obtain RHEL licensing at a deeply discounted rate.

MS SQL 2008 on Cloud Sites:

Starting today, you can now provision MS SQL 2008 databases – the latest and greatest from Microsoft’s DB server line. The benefits to you will enjoy are:

• Lower storage costs through SQL Server 2008’s data compression features
• Increased security and data protection features through encryption
• Improved scalability and performance through resource governing

But why stop there? Keep one ear to the ground, because these two announcements are only the beginning of many new features and products coming from Mosso:

• Following closely behind are APIs from Cloud Servers. Watch for several partners who will soon actively support The Rackspace Cloud including Aptana, Encoding, rPath, RightScale, SOASTA, and Sonian. RightScale announced it again yesterday at Cloud Computing Expo.

For an early look at our APIs, send us an email at
• As we mentioned earlier, our future also holds global availability of cloud services, and much more…

We are committed to pushing the envelope to continue to make the Rackspace Cloud ready for business. Thank you for being a member of the Rackspace family, and please keep the feedback coming so that we can continue to build the most complete and easy-to-use cloud platform on the web.

As always, please feel free to shoot me an email at

Emil Sayegh
General Manager
Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud

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