Top 10 Reasons Your Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Checkup

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When was the last time you did a gut check on your cybersecurity strategy? Chances are, if you’re not doing regular status checks and reviews, the fast-changing realities of the security world may have passed you by. This is no place to fall behind — security complacency is precisely what the bad guys look for when assessing a target. With that in mind, check out the following reasons your cybersecurity strategy may be in need of a fresh look.

Cyber breaches are increasing at a breakneck rate

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30 percent of the Global 2000 will have been directly compromised by independent activists and cyber criminals. And this is one list where you don’t want to be counted among Sony and Target.

Crime does pay

According to Harvard Business Review, “Industrial Espionage is More Effective than R&D.” Couple that study with the low prosecution rates of cyber-attacks and criminal activity becomes a viable business strategy.

Many businesses have no idea they’ve been breached until it’s too late

In reality, 90 percent of large companies have already been breached, and on average, they’ve been breached for 146 days before the breach is uncovered. That’s almost as long as it took Charles Dickens to write Great Expectations.

Perimeter defense (aka firewall) is no longer enough

Just a few years ago, perimeter defense and prevention-only security strategies were still a legitimate means of protecting an environment. But that “expectation” is no longer true.  Not only are cyber threats becoming more prevalent, the persistent nature of APTs is becoming more persistent.

Effective cybersecurity is a 24x7x365, inside to outside, people-intensive process

Imagine military installations run by hostile nation states, where cyber attackers work around the clock with the sole purpose of breaking into your systems. That’s no longer the stuff of the latest Bond movie, it’s reality. Trained and highly skilled resources need to be on patrol in your environment looking for anomalies at all times. The new cyber defense never sleeps.

Security “of” your environment does not equal security “within” your environment

This may come as a surprise to many businesses that are new to the cloud, but the fact remains — just because your cloud provider is handling the security of their cloud, it doesn’t mean the data that lives there is necessarily secure. You are still responsible for some aspects of cloud security, regardless of who is managing that cloud. Do you have the resources in-house to meet the challenge?

Bad guys are better equipped than ever — and only need to be right once…

…but you need to be right at all times. How else can you be sure your environment is protected 24x7x365, unless you have a fully-staffed security operations center (SOC), where experts are on alert around the clock? Do you have this capability within your business?


Doing it yourself when it comes to bringing in the human element that’s crucial to protecting your business is an expensive and time-consuming process. Building a SOC costs between three and five million dollars, and it takes around two to three million dollars every year to keep it staffed.

Everyone needs a little enterprise

If you’re a mid-market or SMB client, that cost would be an impossible pill to swallow. That’s why more and more business are increasingly turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to bring enterprise-grade security to businesses of all sizes.

Not all cyber defense teams are created equal

You can’t simply settle for a management of security tools. Look for a leader with highly trained and experienced cyber defense professionals equipped with the latest technologies for monitoring, protecting and hunting threats 24x7x365.

So the question now is, do you see yourself in any of these top 10?  Is your business growing rapidly and you need to answer important security needs immediately? Do you know how to detect APTs? Have you not updated your security posture since that last Bond movie?

If the answer to any of these is yes, Rackspace Managed Security (RMS) is a great place to start. RMS delivers the best in people, process and technology:

  • People: our CSOC specialists — many former military and special ops — actively hunt for threats 24x7x365
  • Process: we not only detect but also rapidly respond and remediate on your behalf, using pre-approved actions
  • Technology: best-of-breed security technology and advanced analytics underpin our services

Regardless of your specific needs, RMS is designed to meet the security challenges faced by any organization, large or small.  Start your checkup today!

Robert Sawyer heads up product marketing for Rackspace Managed Security, an industry-leading offering delivering rapid detection and remediation of advanced cyber threats. He has more than 15 years experience in the IT industry, in roles ranging from portfolio marketing to development, test automation and infrastructure management. He’s worked in over a dozen programming languages and might still be able to write Hello World in one of them. Follow him on Twitter @rsawyer42 for tips on hoops, guitar and raising four rowdy boys.


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