Top Cloud Trends, Challenges at AWS Re:Invent 2018

In the wake of another jam-packed AWS Re:Invent, we take a look at some of the top trends and challenges facing organizations moving and using the cloud, and how Rackspace and AWS are working to meet them.

Go with the next generation

One term we heard everywhere was “next gen MSP.” Coined by AWS, this term describes managed service providers that leverage a deep understanding of each customer’s unique business needs to tailor solutions that meet each individual IT challenge. With AWS capabilities continually evolving, it’s no surprise that customers are concerned about implementing the right services and tools, in the right way, at the right time.

Rackspace, too, is a next gen MSP; we understand organizations are seeking not just a provider, but a partner. Our partnership with AWS, extensive AWS training and certifications and breadth of industry expertise allows us to assess customer needs, design the right solution and provide ongoing support and optimization for any type of customer or challenge. Rackspace provides a true end-to-end experience, from conception through execution, at all points along the cloud journey.

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Data, data, data

It’s probably no surprise to hear that data was prevalent on the minds of this year’s attendees, with many growing businesses looking for solutions to help migrate, modernize, store, manage and analyze a variety of ever-growing data sets. AWS meets this challenge through its cloud-ready databases like Aurora, and with its Relational Database Service, or RDS, which is easy to set up, operate and scale and provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks.

Atop this, Rackspace provides migration, administration, optimization and transformation services for Aurora, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue and Amazon Athena, enabling customers to prepare, load, and query vast sets of data more efficiently and effectively than ever before, while reducing operational costs and time to market.

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Getting to the cloud

Migration assistance was once again a hot topic. Many organizations understand the need for digital transformation, but the truth is, cloud adoption can be challenging and migrations are almost always a headache.

Fortunately, AWS has defined a best practices approach to cloud migration and Rackspace is an Amazon Migration Acceleration Program partner. We understand that a move to AWS can be intimidating for those without experience, but through established methods, expertise and strong partnership, we’re able to make customer migrations a seamless experience. We also offer additional professional services to help you migrate and better understand your AWS environment.

VMware Cloud on AWS

As a next gen MSP, one of the core challenges for which we solve is the intelligent integration of different modalities, platforms and vendors. This year, attendees were especially curious about the integration of public and private cloud deployments.

Meeting this challenge is VMware Cloud on AWS, an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware,  delivering a highly scalable, secure and innovative service that allows organizations to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud.

Of course these multi-cloud and hybrid deployments are complex, and present even cloud-mature organizations with pain points. This is where Rackspace’s unbiased guidance, cost optimization services, migration and cloud transformation strategies help maximize the benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS.

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New and exciting from Amazon

Non-stop innovation from AWS means that “what’s new” will always be a hot item at re:Invent. As a service provider, it’s vital that we keep pace with both our customer’s and partner’s innovations, so it was interesting to get an early sense of how customers might experience them, such as AWS Transit Gateway, which drew attention for its ability to connect customers’ Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks to a single gateway.

Attendees were very interested S3’s updates and new features, including the S3 PUT API, S3 Cross-Region Replication, S3 Restore Notifications and S3 Restore Speed Upgrade. Key concerns were how to best leverage these new capabilities, but just as importantly, how to deploy them with minimal business impact.

The interactions between partners, providers, vendors and customers at AWS re:Invent 2018 highlighted the fact that regardless of our specific role, we’re all working towards the same goals — improved customer experience and continued growth.

Diving deep with customers, under the backdrop of AWS innovation, helped us better understand their AWS needs and concerns as they think about them in real time. This interaction makes us better, makes our customers better and helps to maximize the benefits that AWS has to offer.

Learn more about how Rackspace can help manage and maximize your AWS clouds. Whether it’s learning the basics of AWS or optimizing your existing architecture for better cost and usage performance, our certified experts can be your guide.

David Lucky is a Product Marketing leader at Rackspace for the Managed Public Cloud services group, a global business unit focused on delivering end-to-end digital transformation services on AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba. David came to Rackspace from Datapipe where as Director of Product Management for six years he led product development in building services to help enterprise clients leverage managed IT services to solve complex business challenges. David has unique insight into the latest product developments for private, public and hybrid cloud platforms and a keen understanding of industry trends and their impact on business development. He holds an engineering degree from Lehigh University and is based out of Jersey City, NJ. You can follow David on LinkedIn at and Twitter @Luckys_Blog.


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