What’s The No. 1 SharePoint Feature At Rackspace?

When considering the No. 1 SharePoint feature here at Rackspace, popular features like file management, document collaboration or team sites probably jump to mind immediately. We know those features are important, but we also know that the most important benefit of SharePoint isn’t something that comes out of the box. The most important feature of SharePoint at Rackspace is support. When we say support, we mean more than technical manuals and videos. To us, support encompasses a one-on-one relationship with a SharePoint expert who can not only help you explore your options, but also implement those options and continue to maximize the value of your SharePoint investment over time.

Anyone can buy a SharePoint server. Many companies dive into buying and deploying SharePoint only to find that they lack the expertise, time or resources to properly implement and support it.  This leaves many with buyer’s remorse and unable to justify their investment. We know this because we talk to SharePoint customers every day. Many are at their wits’ end with onsite deployments installed with inadequate resources, vague business requirements, several disparate team sites and other symptoms of SharePoint run amok. Most of those pitfalls and missteps can be avoided with a support team to help you navigate the complexities and realize the full potential of SharePoint.

Our SharePoint support structure is based on Rackspace Core Values. Two of those Core Values rise above the rest as primary drivers of our philosophy on supporting SharePoint customers:

Fanatical Support in all we do. When SharePoint911 and Rackspace teamed up, the cornerstone of our partnership was based on a shared dedication to helping customers leverage SharePoint for maximum business value. Our team isn’t just friendly and available around the clock, but we are also seasoned SharePoint professionals holding a variety of SharePoint certifications, including six SharePoint MVPs and an MCM. That means we’ll answer the phone at 3 a.m. and know how to answer your questions or address your issues. Our eagerness to serve combined with the knowledge to back it up is probably why our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a measure of customer satisfaction, is consistently in the 90s.

Passion for our work. We love helping customers find success with SharePoint. We know 1,001 ways to use SharePoint, maybe even more than that, but our goal isn’t to throw a bunch of use cases and benefits at you. Our goal is to work with you to determine the most effective use for SharePoint in your business. Even beyond provisioning servers and installing software, we also offer end user training, SharePoint adoption strategies and workflow optimization. Our passion is further evidenced in the 10 SharePoint manuals we’ve authored, the dozens of SharePoint-related articles we’ve written and in our presence at major SharePoint conferences and events.

Get to know us and taste our fanatical spirit on our LinkedIn group. It’s a great opportunity to join the conversation, ask us your questions directly, learn from other SharePoint users and find links to more SharePoint tools and resources. And check out more SharePoint articles, videos and news.

Laura Rogers was a Senior SharePoint Consultant and a Microsoft MVP. She has eight years of experience in SharePoint implementation, training, customization and administration. Her focus is on making the most of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities. She works extensively with SharePoint Designer workflows, InfoPath and Data View Web Parts. Follow Laura on Twitter: @WonderLaura.


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