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My job here at Mailtrust is simple: I live to create a great culture here at Mailtrust. I spend a lot of my time talking to employees, learning more about their experiences here, and understanding what fuels their passion for this company. My goal is that every Mailtrust employee look forward to working because they do exactly what they love doing in exactly the environment they want to be in.
As you can imagine, finding out that we (Rackspace as a whole) made Fortune’s “Top 100 Best Companies To Work For” list again this year has made me amazingly, fanatically, superbly excited.
Want to see what Fortune had to say about us?
Or, better yet interested in working for the 43rd Best Place To Work? We are hiring!

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This is a post written and contributed by Cameron Nouri.

A Racker, Golfer, Cloud Evangelist, Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneurial Focused Individual that above all else is loving life!

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