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How many things do you track in your life?

[1]From how many reps you did at the gym, how many miles you ran, what foods you ate, what wines you’ve tried – you’re probably tracking a lot. And if you’re like me, you have various places you store this data from sticky notes to spreadsheets to iPhone apps to web applications. It’s exhausting! Unlike me, Ari Oberman and the team at TallyZoo, have done something about it. They wanted a flexible tool, with the fastest data entry possible that would allow users to track and graph data all in one consolidated location. This is how they came up with TallyZoo[2], a personal information platform.

TallyZoo is a website and iPhone app for tracking, visualizing, and sharing the important data in your life. The website is free and allows users to collect and visualize data, share their graphs, and create a personal dashboard. The iPhone app allows one-click data collection.

What makes TallyZoo different?
•    Completely customizable personal metrics information platform with a native iPhone app
•    Only app that allows users to setup and unlimited number of 1-click buttons, which you can move around just like on the iPhone main screen.
•    Allows users to display data in different and novel ways, create a dashboard, share and comment on graphs.

Check out this Intro Video:

Simply put, TallyZoo is the easiest way to create and share personal datashare graphs for your personal habits. Although the iPhone app is available (and very cool), it’s not necessary to take advantage of TallyZoo’s features. In fact, 40% of their clients utilize only the online web application.

When launching a new product, it’s always interesting to see how members will use your product, says founder, Ari Oberman. Ari says they have users tracking for a variety of purposes.  Some users are tracking weight loss, or habits they would like to change, like smoking.  Other people are using TallyZoo as a mobile business-reporting platform, entering sales and revenue information.  Still others are tracking less obvious, but equally important things.

[3]“We have athletes, wine enthusiasts, life coaches, musicians, nearly every day we find that someone is tracking something new.  Here are two of our recent favorites: someone who is going green by tracking his Driving vs. Bike Riding[4], and this bird watcher who is tracking different types of Sparrows[5].  We love the fact that TallyZoo can be used successfully for so many different types of activities.”

TallyZoo and CloudComputing[6]

Not knowing how TallyZoo would be received, Ari and team needed the ability to scale without extensive pre-planning.  And since it is a self-funded business, they needed to pay for resources as needed. Not new to Rackspace, choosing The Rackspace Cloud was an easy decision.  They are currently hosting the  TallyZoo website on our the Cloud Sites[7] platform while their subversion repository is on Cloud Servers[8].

TallyZoo is another example of how cool customers with great ideas are taking advantage of our easy to use, scalable and low cost cloud computing platform. To learn more about TallyZoo, follow them on Twitter:[9].

So what are you waiting for? Simplify your life and sign up[10] for TallyZoo. It’s free.

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