Tracour: Track Rumors, Projections and Speculation

There’s a copious amount of raw information on the Internet and deciphering the signal from the noise is not a simple task. Tracour, powered by a custom built Honesty Engine, is a database and statistics tool to track rumors, projections and speculation to help identify quality sources of information.


“Tracour was a graduate school project of mine,” explains Brad Sams, founder of Tracour. “What we wanted to do was try to increase the signal and reduce the noise. We are tracking the domain, the author, the tags, and the source to see how accurate it is in the long term. We can literally track anything, as long as it has a URL.”

The idea is simple, everyday new rumors surface on the Internet that are started by journalists and bloggers who claim to have well placed “sources” within a company. But how accurate are these sources and are they genuinely providing reliable information? Tracour has been designed and built from the ground up to track and rank these rumors.

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