Transparency Matters

We know that communication is extremely important to all of our customers. We appreciate this fact so much that we developed an internal tool to further facilitate communicating with our customers.

The second version of this tool, internally named Broadcast, was just launched. This is an internal tool that allows us to update our system status page, control panel page and internal pages to alert employees and customers of outages, planned maintenance or other important information. The beauty of the tool does not stop there. We can also alert specific customers by email or text messages sent directly from the tool to the account administrator.

If you are currently a customer, this is a great time to update your contact information in the control panel to make sure you receive updates from the new Broadcast tool.

We pride ourselves as a company on transparency. We admit that we are not above having issues. The important part is that we want to be upfront and timely in letting our customers know what they can expect at any given time. This tool facilitates that transparency.

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