Troubleshooting Tools in your Control Panel

Our customer care team has some great tools for troubleshooting email related problems. These tools help us to resolve issues quickly, or at least point us in the right direction. For example we can:

  • view all of the settings for a domain or a mailbox on one screen
  • check to see if a domain’s DNS is set up correctly
  • test the deliverability of mail to remote servers
  • decipher the meaning of email message headers
  • look up the meaning of all of our spam rules
  • look up IP addresses in third-party spam blacklists

We’ve long thought that these tools might also be useful to our customers and resellers. So today, we are making them available. You’ll find these tools in your control panel, in the new section labeled “Troubleshooting”.
As always though, if you’re not able to find the solution to your problem using these tools, we are here 24×7 to help.

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