True Community: Open Cloud Community Member Visits Rackspace

Something really cool happened at Rackspace last week. While that phrase typically wouldn’t raise any eyebrows (tons of cool stuff happens at Rackspace every day); it bears mentioning nonetheless. This really cool thing was the first in-person visit from one of the members of the Rackspace Open Cloud Community.

That’s right, community member DeltaEchoTango visited the Rack to get an inside look at what makes us tick.

This is significant because he took some time out of his schedule to come and meet the Open Cloud Community team, take a tour of the facility and generally get immersed in the culture that is Rackspace. We spent about an hour with him and were happy to do it.

We communicate with our members on a daily basis on topics that we are all passionate about:  technology, the Open Cloud, Rackspace products, etc. – this is all done virtually, and sometimes all we know about our community members is what they share in posts or from their User Profile. It was a nice treat to be able to meet DeltaEchoTango (his real name is Donald, by the way) in person and spend some time talking about what we are trying to do with the Rackspace Open Cloud Community.  He left here with a t-shirt, some extra information and perspective, a memory of speeding down our famous slide and hopefully a better understanding of the people and culture that makes Rackspace what it is today.

A thread describing the visit was created in the community here:

I hope we can meet other community members this way. It made for a memorable experience for all of us, and illustrated the true power of a community.

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