Try Hosted SharePoint 2013 For Free In The Cloud Or On Dedicated Gear

We know you’ve been waiting for the latest release of SharePoint, and now that SharePoint 2013 is available, we want to offer you a choice in how the use it. To do that, we’ve expanded our SharePoint portfolio to make SharePoint 2013 available to our dedicated and cloud customers.

You can now choose between Dedicated SharePoint 2013 and a SharePoint 2013 Cloud Image (a new Windows image for Rackspace Cloud Servers). To help you get started, we’re offering the opportunity to try SharePoint 2013 at no cost through a free 45-day trial.

For our dedicated environments, we offer a full production SharePoint environment configured and managed by our SharePoint experts. This is ideal if you’re looking to use SharePoint as more than a document repository and if you require your own hardware. Foundation, Standard Server and Enterprise Licenses are available.

With SharePoint Cloud Images, which are accessible through our Cloud Control Panel, we offer the ability to spin up and down a SharePoint environment in our public cloud. This is ideal for developers who need a test environment or customers trying to familiarize themselves with SharePoint functionality. The Foundation License is available.

SharePoint 2013 adds a host of new and important features that customers have been asking for to enhance their businesses, including better app availability, more collaboration options, stronger search capabilities and content management and business intelligence updates. And with several Microsoft MVPs on staff, Rackspace Services for SharePoint is fully-equipped to build your end-to-end SharePoint solution backed by our trademark Fanatical Support.

To let you test drive the new features in SharePoint 2013 and get a feel for how a hosted SharePoint solution works, you can sign up for the 45-day free trial now. The offer runs through March 31, 2013.

We’re also offering a SharePoint 2013 VM for 45 days at no additional cost with the purchase of any new dedicated SharePoint environment. This offer is available to current and new customers migrating SharePoint 2007 or 2010 environments to Rackspace. Foundation, Standard or Enterprise Licenses are available and we’ll offer full support of the VM, operating system and application. Once the free 45-day trial expires you’ll be given option to move to a fully licensed SharePoint 2013 VM.

We urge you to check out our new SharePoint 2013 offerings and take advantage of the limited 45-day promotions. And, as always, we’d love to hear your suggestions on how we can continue to improve your SharePoint solutions; so drop us a line in The Product Suggestion Box.


  1. is it possible to convert from basic SharePoint (250 MB) to SharePoint 2013 outside of a dedicated or enterprise environment? I am a sole practitioner setting up ad hoc sites for clients and like the upgrade version.



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