Trying to Become a Great Place To Work?

Filed in by Cameron Nouri | March 30, 2009 6:33 am

If your company isn’t putting employees in positions they are truly passionate about, having the occasional ‘fun’ event, won’t turn your company into a Great Place To Work. Spending time, money, and resources building a great corporate culture is so much more than happy hours, pie-your-manager days[1], and company outings.
Building a great culture is about having employees who are passionate about your customers, managers who care about your employees, and a company full of people who jump out of bed, run to work, and can’t wait to collaborate with others who, just like themselves, love what they do.
At Mailtrust[2], we focus on doing just that: putting people in roles they are passionate about. It begins with our Recruiting process[3]. We seek out people who don’t just have the skills we need but who have the values, vision, and passion[4] to succeed in the role we’ve created. It continues as we make decisions about re-adjusting, promoting, and changing roles in our organization. And at times, it means getting rid of a sour grape who is sucking the passion out of our passionate employees. Every move we make not only takes into account the strengths and career goals of the employees we currently have, but also ensures we’re clearing their path so they can achieve personal and professional greatness.
We foster that greatness with guidance. First, we ask what their career passions are and how we can fuel those passions here at Mailtrust. Second, we watch them. Paying attention to successes and struggles helps guide employees based on individual tolerance. Third, we offer direction with tools like Gallup’s Strengths Profile[5] training to give employees a broader understanding of their talents. We also offer a wealth of learning resources through “Rackspace University”.
So, if you’re an organization that is trying to figure out how to truly become a Great Place To Work, forget about the ‘fun’ stuff for a second. First, make sure you’re clearing the way for your best employees to succeed. Find your most passionate employees and ask them what you can change to make their lives better. Their input might surprise you. Then you can add the ‘fun’ stuff.

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