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    This post was written and contributed by the Continuent team, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner.

    Continuous data availability means having your data available when and where you need with consistently fast response times. This is the key requirement for databases operating in today’s 24 x 7 environments. Swift changes in database technology and data processing as a whole have made ensuring continuous data availability quite challenging. Large data volumes, high numbers of users, and always-on operation raise the bar for application developers as well as database administrators. The emergence of disruptive but highly economical open source technologies is both an opportunity as well as another potential headache. There is the universal need to cut costs and process data more efficiently.

    Like many successful businesses, you probably started out using an open-source database (MySQL, PostgreSQL) platform because the cost of entry was extremely low, or even zero.  Based on our experience of providing solutions to companies similar to yours you are either currently, or soon will, experience increasingly higher costs to maintain your current MySQL based database infrastructure due to the added complexity, need for additional support and unique development requirements.  You may even find yourself considering an expensive and complex transition to a commercial database system because you simply cannot scale, manage your open-source based infrastructure or find the talent to develop and integrate the functionality you need. If the above sounds like you, then looking at Continuent’s Tungsten solution could be for you!

    Five9, a fast growing virtual call center software provider and customer of ours, agrees:

    “Based on the work Continuent has been doing for Five9 – I would highly recommend their company and expertise.” Jim Dvorkin, CTO, Five9.

    Continuent offers a unique solution that helps you manage data cost efficiently and scale to larger more complex environments while still meeting customer or internal SLAs, help manage costs and, most importantly, while preserving your investment in your infrastructure.
    Our solutions allow you to:

    • Automatic failover upon master failure by automatically promoting one of the slaves as a new master
    • Something about read/write splitting, performance increase using load built in load balancing
    • Perform zero-downtime maintenance and upgrades to handle schema changes as well as software and hardware migrations without service interruptions
    • Manage complex, multi-site database topologies using our simple and intuitive management tools
    • Handle·   Handle customer data for multi-tenant applications that are typical of software-as-a-service businesses
    • Replicate data across multiple applications in complex environments – fast parallel replication which surpasses capability of native MySQL replication
    • Focus your developers on advancing the capabilities of your applications rather wasting 100’s of hours developing and managing in-house built middleware and infrastructure

    In the next few weeks Continuent will host a webinar to explain just how they can manage complex open source database environments.

    We know database clusters can solve a host of problems ranging from improving database uptime to increasing performance but, as stated above, existing database management technology ranges from complicated to downright scary. Tungsten is returning database clustering to helping you handle the fundamentals: manage, find and copy data so you can have it all in a solution that you can easily install and operate.

    In the webinar we will discuss the basic management procedures for Tungsten, including:

    • the basic overview of why clustering is important
    • understanding the basic components and what they do for you
    • how these components deliver speed and flexibility
    • how to manage expansion
    • handling server failures and maintenance operations
    • recovering from failures

    Details of webinar

    Date: Thursday, July 15th

    Time: 1pm CST

    Click here to sign up.

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