Tuning And Testing For The Holidays

Much like the big guy makes a list and checks it twice, we want to give you strategies to prepare your server configuration for the holiday traffic this year. An important thing to do to ensure that you are on your customers’ “Nice” list is to tune and test your cloud configuration.

The first thing to check is your web layer. Whether you are running Apache or IIS, there will always be an opportunity to change certain values and parameters to serve your content as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind, every time you launch a Cloud Server powered by OpenStack, those parameters are going to be fairly generic, so you will want to go in there to make sure that it is suited for you.

If you are running an application server, you want to make sure that the framework you are running it on, such as PHP, is tuned with the best values and parameters. You want to make sure that the server is tuned for both the code that you uploaded as well as the size of the server you are running it on.

Finally, you will want to optimize your database. There are a lot of different things that you can do to optimize your database layer, including caching, and we have a lot of resources in the Rackspace Knowledge Center that can help you out. Furthermore, our support team can advise you on other strategies to test and optimize your database traffic.

To check this list twice, we always encourage our customers to spend a little bit of time load testing their configuration before the big traffic rush hits.

Interested in finding out more to help you prep for the holidays? Check out Joseph’s white paper now. You can also view his previous post where he gives tips on caching for the holidays. In his next post, he talks about load balancing your cloud configuration for the increased holiday traffic.


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