Turbocharging Rackspace Cloud with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform

    Jim Battenberg, Rackspace Cloud Evangelist sits down for a cup of coffee and Q&A with Bailey Caldwell at RightScale, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner. Let’s start the conversation with Bailey giving us some background on RightScale.

    Bailey:  Thanks for having us today Jim, we’re thrilled to be a Rackspace partner.  Let me tell you about RightScale at a high level.  The RightScale Cloud Management Platform is a cloud management solution that simply put, makes it faster and easier to manage your cloud initiatives through automation.  RightScale provides faster cloud on-boarding with pre-built stacks and best practices. We also help our customers manage more efficiently with functionality such as auto-scaling and database backups. RightScale manages some of the largest cloud deployments in the world; in fact we just announced that 3 million clouds servers have been launched through our management platform.

    Jim:  How can Rackspace customers benefit from using RightScale? 

    Bailey:  RightScale helps Rackspace customers get on the cloud faster, access best-practice cloud expertise, and do more with their IT teams. We do this 3 ways:

    1. Super fast on-boarding with easy-to-deploy, pre-built ServerTemplates™ built by RightScale. ServerTemplates include pre-configured images, scripts, alerts, and monitors that can be customized. Our MultiCloud Marketplace has hundreds of ServerTemplates from standard application stacks to complete database solutions.
    2. Managing more Cloud Servers with your IT team is the goal of our automation tools. RightScale users routinely achieve server to sys admin ratios in the hundreds to thousands of servers.
    3. Best-practice cloud expertise is baked into all of our ServerTemplates and cloud architectures. In addition, our extensive cloud tutorials and our knowledgeable support staff are available to guide Rackspace customers in automating and managing their Cloud Servers.

    Jim: How does RightScale automate Cloud Servers?

Bailey:  Our powerful automation tools enable auto-scaling, script automation, backups, and recovery. Using RightScale, Cloud Servers can be grouped together into Deployments – logical groupings that capture configuration, monitoring, and auditing information in one place. Within these Deployments, customers can scale arrays of Cloud Servers up and down based on server or application conditions such as a change in web traffic or a failure of a specific server. It is also easy to select and customize scripts from our library to perform application deployment, database backups, and database master to slave promotion.

    RightScale also supports RackConnect, Rackspace’s hybrid Cloud Hosting and Managed Hosting link. With RightScale and RackConnect, for example, you can create an automated Deployment with load balancers and application servers using Cloud Servers and databases using Managed Servers.

    Jim:  What types of Rackspace customers should consider using RightScale?

    Bailey: Everyone from startups to enterprises who want to spend less time getting started and doing repetitive operational tasks should check out RightScale. Our solution is perfect for customers running scalable applications and high availability databases.

    Larger businesses that operate many servers especially need efficiency and scalability and they really love RightScale’s automation tools. We build the automation so their teams don’t have to, they in turn can deliver IT services at faster rate to their internal customers and to the market.

    Smaller companies are also good customer fits for RightScale.  Smaller companies need to focus on their core business. Using RightScale’s collection of pre-built ServerTemplates and scripts small teams can focus less time on infrastructure management and more time on building their applications.
    One of our joint customers, Magnify360, uses RightScale on Rackspace Cloud to deliver high volume web-based marketing campaigns to its clients. They use RightScale to automate operational processes and to provide easy management within a single interface. They use Rackspace for superior speed and response times.

    Jim: Thanks Bailey, how do our customers find out more about RightScale?


Bailey:  Thank you Jim, again we’re really excited to be a Rackspace partner.  Customers can find out more about using Rackspace Cloud with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform with the information below:

    •    RightScale: Cloud Management Platform on Cloud Tools

    •    Rackspace: Cloud Infrastructure Provider for RightScale

    •    If you are in the New York area we’re hosting a joint Clouds, Conversations and Cocktails event during Interop on Thursday, Oct. 6th

    •    Sign up for the webinar Turbocharging Rackspace Cloud with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform on Nov. 3, 2011

    •    Call to speak with a Rackspace Cloud Specialist at 1-877-934-0409

    Before leaving in 2016, Angela ran integrated marketing campaigns for Rackspace. She started in 2003 and did everything from Linux support, account management, sales, product marketing and marketing. She left Rackspace in 2005 to work for PEER 1 Hosting but returned in 2009 because she was interested in the cloud computing movement. Angela is a strong believer in the power of storytelling.


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