Ubuntu at Rackspace – Backed by Fanatical Support, Powered by Canonical

Certified Ubuntu guest images are now available from Rackspace on dedicated servers, meaning one of the world’s popular operating system in the cloud is now available across all platforms.

This parity is something many of our hybrid cloud customers have been clamoring for, so we’re thrilled that, as part of Canonical’s partner program, we can now offer Ubuntu across our entire portfolio — public and private clouds, OnMetal, and now dedicated and hybrid environments.

And it’s all backed by Fanatical Support.

As the #1 managed cloud company, Rackspace offers customers a comprehensive service and support portfolio that other providers simply cannot compete with. Our Rackers have years of experience offering Fanatical Support for Ubuntu — and that means continuity of care across platforms, the personal touch of Rackspace account teams and access to professional services.

With Rackspace now a member of the Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud program, customers get certified Ubuntu cloud images tuned and tested to their environment to help ensure optimal performance, as well as regular patches and automated refreshes of Ubuntu images for an enhanced user experience.

“As more enterprises turn towards public and hybrid cloud environments to run mission critical and scale-out workloads, Rackspace, known for its Fanatical Support, will be a leading contender for their business,” said Canonical’s SVP Sales and Business Development, Christopher Kenyon. “As part of the Certified Public Cloud program, Rackspace now offers official Ubuntu images, for an optimal, consistent and secure developer experience.”

Canonical is the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, and a leading provider of enterprise services for Ubuntu server, Juju, Landscape and MAAS. The company’s award-winning technology helps deliver unparalleled reliability, performance and interoperability to cloud and scale-out environments.

The developers’ choice in the cloud, Ubuntu typically has newer default/stock versions of popular programing languages and server software, including PHP, Python, Ruby and Apache.

Rackspace already supports numerous versions of Ubuntu across our Public Cloud portfolio, and will now support LTS (Long Term Support) versions of Ubuntu on dedicated servers, private and hybrid environments.

Phil Van Ingen is currently the OS Operations Manager for Rackspace, where he oversees the Dedicated segment’s Operating System portfolio. A Racker for the past 12 years, he is a founding member of the Rackspace Major Event Management Team and of the Technical Change Management Team.


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