88 per cent of cloud users point to cost savings, according to Rackspace Survey

Have you ever considered the economic impact of cloud computing in the UK? This report, undertaken by the Manchester Business School in partnership with Rackspace, evaluated how UK businesses are using the cloud, and what the economic benefits of doing so are.

We surveyed 1300 companies, and found the following:

  • -Cloud computing saves money
  • -Cloud computing helps increase competitiveness
  • -Cloud computing offers exciting possibilities for businesses of all sizes

See below for our accompanying infographic, and visit our website to view the whitepaper.

[html]<a style="border: none;" title="Rackspace survey – 88% of cloud users point to cost savings" href="http://blog.rackspace.co.uk/in-the-industry/88-per-cent-of-cloud-users-point-to-cost-savings-according-to-rackspace-survey/"><img src="http://blog.rackspace.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/economic-impact-of-cloud-blog.jpg" alt="Rackspace survey – 88% of cloud users point to cost savings" /></a>
Infographic by <a title="Rackspace Cloud" href="http://www.rackspace.co.uk/cloud-hosting">Rackspace</a>[/html]


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