Announcing Rackspace Managed Security for Microsoft Azure

Rackspace Managed Security is  now available in Early Access for customers utilizing Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure.

By extending RMS to our Azure customers, we’re widening our managed security coverage, and can now rapidly detect and respond to advanced cyber threats across our customers’ multiple cloud deployments.

That includes customers using Amazon Web Services and our own dedicated hosting, as well as Rackspace Managed VMware Cloud, as we believe it’s critical to bring Fanatical Support and managed security services to companies running their businesses in all of these environments.

According to analyst firm IDC, it takes an organization an average of 205 days to detect a cyber breach. RMS, which launched in September alongside our Customer Security Operations Center, dramatically reduces that amount of time with advanced threat intelligence, proactive, 24x7x365 monitoring, and pre-approved actions for real-time response, all tailored to your needs.

This level of managed security, which leverages our deep expertise and applies it to your business (rather than you going it alone), addresses what we see as the new normal when it comes to cyber security.

The days of relying on static security protocols are over. New, sophisticated technologies and techniques offer cyber attackers a growing ability to gain entry into our systems. Without an effective strategy, and one which includes dynamic assets devoted specifically to cyber security, companies and the systems they seek to protect will continue to struggle.

By combining Azure with the cloud platforms we’ve been supporting with RMS, we’re bolstering our ability to provide that type of security across multiple clouds, and are now among the only providers of a single managed security service offered across all of these platforms.

We’ve seen a growing number of customers who want this level of managed security for all of their cloud operations, some of which may be running on a Rackspace managed cloud, AWS or on Azure. We’re also seeing customers running different workloads across multiple clouds, and their desire for a single managed security provider is just as strong.

With Azure now among the leading clouds we can secure and keep protected, we’re proudly meeting our customers where they are, and extending our managed security offerings to the cloud of their choice.

Regardless of the migration, architecture and operational needs specific to your environment, being able access our signature managed security services on top of your cloud deployment brings with it enhanced peace of mind, whether you’re using Azure alone or have workloads running on the multiple cloud platforms supported by RMS.

By combining leading cloud services with our managed security services, Rackspace is taking the burden of cloud security away from our customers, and offering yet another way for them to focus on what they do best—their business—while we keep their cloud deployments up and running, protected and secure.

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Brannon Lacey is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the growing portfolio of offerings in Rackspace Application Services. Prior to his current role, Brannon has led a variety of cross-platform product lines including Rackspace Managed Security, Cloud Office, Digital, Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry and VMware. Before coming to Rackspace, Brannon was a Principal Investor with Samsung Ventures where he was responsible for global investments and portfolio management, focused mainly on mobile and Internet technologies. Brannon is an active member in the San Antonio community where he is a Board Member and Advisor for BuildSec Foundry and a Board Member for San Antonio Sports. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BSBA, Entrepreneurship, MIS from the University of Arizona’s Eller School of Management.


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